Developing Winning Crowdfunding Pitches

Crowdfunding. Everyone’s doing it, All I have to do is make a video asking for money, right? Wrong. Turns out there is a lot of preparation necessary to create a successful crowdfunding pitch. Of course, you start by following the steps to Practice Safe Crowdfunding –

1. Identify your intellectual property
2. Protect your intellectual property
3. Choose a platform
4. Raise social capital

Then it’s time to Create Your Pitch! Where do you start? What do the successful campaigns look like? What elements are in their pitches? What do the rewards look like? How have they connected to their donors/funders?

Miss our webinar? No problem. Learn from Traklight’s Megan and Jill as they review a successful and a not so successful campaign. Discover how successful campaigns create their pitch and choose the right rewards to reach their funding goals here.

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