It Takes A Village To Re-Launch A Website

Traklight has a new look and feel, just about eight months after our initial launch last Oct 30th. This project was months in the making and not just from a technical point of view. Biggest lesson learned, our village includes customers; members; Trakers; Advisory Board; Traker spouses, children, and pets; affiliates; and again customers and potential customers. We listened to them all and we hope the new look improves your Traklight experience!

First and foremost, the Traker team pulled together to work on this but several stood on their heads (it’s a hockey term and means that they rock). Megan our creative genius and lead project manager, Tara the brilliant artist who designed the site, and Jill who kept us focused and in touch with customers tested, talked to customers, tested, and did we mention tested. Then Shay Harding who taught us all so much along the way to implementing the great work done by Peter Adams, html 5 god. Shay, our June Traker of the month, is the master of gluing, taming, and programming, all with an incredible sense of humor and calm. The remaining Trakers all contributed with suggestions all the way along: Michael, Peter, Philip and Jake. Thank you all.

Listening to our customers was sometimes difficult but is critical. Ryan our CISO likes to say that having the best security does not mean anything without customers! And we made some changes to make joining easier but with the same level of security.

I have to say that after working through this process several times before, having a whole team pulling together this time made the process enjoyable. The amount of review and testing that goes into a re-launch involving our two applications and resource center for members was not for the faint of heart. Everything had to be tested and I was not alone, everyone jumped in!

We are not done; another lesson learned is that it is never really done. We have made sweeping changes based on our customers’ feedback and what will help people understand our products and how to use the site but we still have more to add to the site, i.e. more information on our Trakers, products for Professionals, more new products.

We all can be proud of the new site. And I am thrilled to work with such an amazing team. Onwards!

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