3, 2, 1…Website Re-Launch!

This blog is a continuation of our blog posted March 17, 2014, on the status of our current website re-launch.


You may have been surprised to wake up this morning and notice a different look to our website. No, you’re not having another “episode,” Rust Cohle; we have just launched Version 3 of Traklight.com. Beyond the new, sleeker look you will also notice quite a few other improvements, especially with our products. Our new $99 ID your IP Basic guides you through a comprehensive questionnaire designed to help you identify what intellectual property (IP) you have. At the end of the process, we will generate a step-by-step report to illustrate what steps you can take to make sure your IP is fully protected, along with an IP Inventory and IP Snapshot reports. And as if that wasn’t enough, we are offering you free updates to all of your reports for one year from your time of purchase. All this without mentioning the free 30-day subscription to the Basic Vault that comes with your purchase of ID your IP–the cherry atop your intellectual property sundae. Delicious!

The new and improved IP Vault is your only option for securely storing your data from theft or tampering. Vastly more secure than this guy’s vault (which stuck out like a sore thumb with a giant $ on the side. Also, why so much liquidity?), you control who has access to your files, with the ability to edit those access levels at any time.  Its drag-and-drop interface for uploads is simple and intuitive, and you have the ability to verify your data or delete it at any time. You have complete control of your intellectual property and can rest assured knowing it is safe from thieves or questionable Terms of Service agreements. With packages starting at only $12 a month, our IP Vault is a smart and cost-effective alternative to risking your million-dollar idea.

It is said that films are not released, they escape, and the same can be said of the latest iteration of Traklight.com. The current version you see is a great product, but we are relentlessly trying to improve. You will see us rolling out improvements over the coming weeks and months. We will be offering versions of ID your IP and IP Vault tailored to businesses and projects of all sizes, with additional resources to help you along the way. And that is just the beginning…

Be sure to take advantage of our new ID your IP tool to protect your intellectual property today!

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