3 30-day Hubspot Blog Challenge Challenges Overcome

luke-southern-9yCYGgPe5Kg-unsplashWe all recognize the writer in movies who just can’t seem to find the words. Sitting at their typewriter, composing a love note and spilling their undying love, ripping page after page from the typewriter in increased frustration. Or the poet turned rockstar looking to compose their next big lyrical riff, burning both ends of the candle night after night to come up with a million dollar chorus.

When it comes to blog writing, many can appreciate the anxiety that it causes and the series of questions that follow when asked to contribute content to, say, a company blog. “What if no one reads what I write? What if no one understands my point? How can I possibly write a blog – I’m a terrible writer!”

I’m happy to share that our Traker team truly rallied together to contribute content for me to regularly post. That being said, I wanted to share our top three take aways, and also help you increase your blogging frequency as well with some tips and tricks. Of course, as always, be sure the content you’re sharing is yours, or is cited properly. IP infringement is a big deal and not something to trifle with (I mention this to remind you to never share  without consent).

So what did our Trakers learn in creating regular content? And how can you apply these lessons with your company? . . . 

On Just Doing It….because Sharing is Caring 🙂

“Come to find out that blogging and developing content is easy, you just have to do it.  We all have experiences and ideas day in and day out that are good content and other people can gain and learn from, we just have to sit down and take the time and get it done.  After taking that moment and dedicating the first minute, it will just start to flow. Let it go, like you are having a conversation, let your own personality come out, and best of all, share your thoughts and perspectives with the world! People want to hear what you have to say!” – Philip Juetten, CFO

On Focus and Maximizing Your Precious Time

“I learned that blogging is really fun and easy when you set aside focused time for writing. Emails, phone calls, and the various buzzing notifications of our technological devices can be distracting, but I found if i just set an hour to 90 minute blocks and turn off everything, I can get a blog done like that!”

– Mary Juetten, Founder and CEO

On the Positive Results of Diligence 

People are better writers than they know, and you just have to coax that creativity out of them! I think this Blog Challenge taught me some leadership in a lot of ways in the coordination efforts made to schedule each day’s post, and how to creatively discuss topics like IP, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets etc. It also taught me how to draw on alternate resources such as sharing repurposed materials, utilizing free image sites, and posting guest blogs.” – Emily Ely, Online Media Specialist


For more information on some favorite free resources, check out our blog titled “A Few of Our Favorite FREE Resources to Help You Avoid IP Infringement.” 
And if after everything, you’re still not convinced that you should be selective about the types of materials you share from others, we invite you to watch a video explaining the 4 types of IP.