Calling all IP Nightmares! (Part 1)


Imagine burning both ends of the candle, night after night. Toiling away on your new precious idea – theone that’s about to make you a millionaire. Well, maybe not a millionaire, but you know it’s bound to take off! You start sharing your idea with others, and overnight, someone’s stolen it!

The threat is there, and is every creator’s worst nightmare! Zombies lurking in the mist, ready to tear your and your IP to shreds. Patent trolls stalking you in your sleep, patiently waiting for the right moment to attack. . . 

Sound familiar?

We want to hear from you!

We’re calling on all inventors, startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to share their horror stories about IP. Perhaps you even have a silver lining to share? Submit your Intellectual Property nightmare via email to [email protected] and receive a discount code for 25% off your custom ID your IP report. Submissions must be between 200-500 words.