Google Hangouts and Crowdfunding: Top Tips for Hanging Out

I had the pleasure of being invited to hang out with Devin Thorpe of Crowdfund Beat using Google Hangouts. Of course I was asked about intellectual property (IP) and crowdfunding. But I thought I would share a few tips that I learned from the preparation for this session.

  1. Google Hangouts can be fickle – Devin and I spent about ten minutes trying to get the tile with the Traklight name on the bottom third of the screen to no avail. Note to self; figure this out on my own next time first!
  2. Natural light coming from behind your computer is the best lighting – set your computer up on a box or something so that you are eye level and make sure you are backlit with natural lighting. Otherwise you can look greenish with the wrong lighting.
  3. Look into the computer not side to side – I had some notes on the side and it was distracting – I fear that I may look shifty with my eyes looking to the right. After the first few minutes, I pushed them away and tried very hard to engage directly with Devin and just go for it.

 We encourage all crowdfunders to identify and protect their IP before they start.

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