Meet Becky, Traklight’s Operations Specialist


What I learned about IP before I started at Traklight?

Honestly, not much at all. I knew that IP stood for ‘Intellectual Property’ and that was about it. Thank goodness for the internet! Working here has really started to expand my view of the importance of IP. Not only in terms of cultivating innovation, but the basic protection of a person’s potential livelihood. Your big idea that employs you today, left unprotected, can be taken by someone else and leave you unemployed tomorrow.

Something about me that would be a surprise to learn…

I’m actually quite shy and do not enjoy my photo taken. If I catch someone taking my photo during family functions I will innocently ask to ‘check out’ their camera and delete my pictures. It hasn’t been working as much lately, so I think they’re on to me.

Any deep dark secrets that are past statute of limitations. 

Fresh out of high school, I was once pulled over for highway speeding at 102 mph and talked my way out of the ticket. (Sorry mom!) I’ve slowed down considerably in my old age.

If you were alone in the car by yourself, what song would you sing and why?

Only one?! Hmmm… The Lady Antebellum song “Need You Now” is a favorite. I like to fantasize that John Mayer and I sing it at my Grammy debut. This qualifies as a second deep dark secret!

Interested in working for Traklight? Check out our Jobs page for more information. We’re always looking for nerdy, passionate people who want to call themselves Trakers! Just have a question about IP? Our FAQ’s might help….or just Contact Us!

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