Ready, Set, Not just yet … Re-launch

This blog is a continuation of our  blog posted March 12, 2014, on the status of our current website re-launch.



“Good things come to those who wait.”

“Patience is a virtue.”

“We will get there!”

All these sayings ran through my head as I drove to the office this morning. It’s past the 4-day countdown and our new website and application are not up just yet, but fear not! We are still on the road to re-launch.

The website is almost perfect and Copy Czar Char (no kidding, that is her name and title with Traklight) has been working her magic. We are in the midst of ironing out some last minute kinks (for example, our system was requiring credit card information for a 100% discount–not exactly a feature for a good user experience).

While the credit card issue was on its way to resolution, we had a bit of a breakdown on the side of the road over the weekend. Some very exciting new features crept into all the versions of our IP Vault when they were supposed to remain in a beta Gold version. *Sigh* When that happened, we had to hit the brakes and regroup. Of course, we could have bogged ourselves down in the “why did this happen” but we all agreed that taking the time to analyze the root cause of this situation would be best left to after we go live.

Lessons learned so far:

  1. “Measure twice. Cut once” definitely applies to websites – take the time to review everything before adding your copy in otherwise it is hard to find everything to review (such is the nature of website construction)!
  2. Test, test, test – and give to your friends to test. You can never test something too much. With our applications, we have needed a fresh set of eyes every day. Be sure to rotate who tests if you have a team – which thankfully we do!
  3. Lists – This morning our team created a huge list of the critical tasks that needed to be accomplished before re-launch. That was scary but now we have a visual (if you can read the writing!) of our critical path. Knowing what the most important tasks are and if anyone is relying upon you is paramount. Plus, we now get to check things off the list as we move towards re-launch. Everyone loves the feeling of checking something off a list!


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