Website Re-Launch Countdown

Re-launch_countdown“You’ll never get anywhere if you try to make something absolutely perfect. Especially with software,” Mary said to me as I struggled to understand why my idea couldn’t be easily incorporated into the new version of our website. It took me a minute to realize that she wasn’t telling me my idea was a bad one, just that I needed to focus on the bigger picture: our website re-launch. It was a lesson learned with Traklight’s previous re-launch and was described in our June 29th, 2013 blog titled, “It Takes a Village to Re-Launch a Website.” She instead encouraged me to jot my thoughts down on a V3.1 Wishlist (which, as you can see with the image to the right, I did) to be incorporated as a feature in the future.

We go live in just a few days (4 to be specific), and we’re all working harder than ever to piece the last few details together. I have been through a site upgrade in the past so knew what I was in for, but it caught me off guard. Again. Not just the exponentially increased work load, but everything that comes along with it: coming in early and leaving late, long hours that inevitably lead to the thousand-yard stare as you struggle to focus, over-caffeinating, onset anxiety from excess of said caffeine…

But in the end it will all pay off because our tools like the ID your IP report will be clearer and more understandable, so our customers can better execute their next steps in the IP identification and protection process.

We are all so excited to share our re-vamped website and custom Intellectual Property tools with you. Have you used our tools before? Do you have an account with us?

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