Upcoming Event: Starting: Setting Up for Success, Your Business Needs a Solid Foundation

Running a business requires a certain amount of agreement within your organization—but if all you’re hearing is the same thing, it can be more harmful than it is good, and can lead to some critical mistakes in the early stages.

Every business requires a strong foundation if it wants to succeed. Early stage mistakes have a way of coming back to haunt any startup eventually, and ignorance doesn’t work as an excuse. If founders are charging headfirst into the big picture aspects of running a company without having handled the nitty-gritty details that, while maybe dull, are essential to protecting a business’ long-term future, they’re setting themselves up for eventual failure.   

Join Traklight CEO Mary Juetten as she shares her expertise on creating firm footing for your startup for AnyLaw’s Outside the Echo Chamber series event “Starting: Setting Up for Success, Your Business Needs a Solid Foundation” on September 21st at 8:30 AM PDT. Registration is free, and anyone can attend, so if you’re considering starting your own business, or wondering if yours is on solid ground, you’ll want to join. For more details check out the link above.