Attend SXSW Mentoring. Get a PSCF shirt.

As a session at last year’s SXSW V2V event in Las Vegas, NV, Traklight CEO Mary Juetten asked her audience of entrepreneurs if any of them thought they didn’t have Intellectual Property (IP). Of course, if you have been reading the Traklight blog and understand that 100% of businesses have IP, then you see thatContinue reading “Attend SXSW Mentoring. Get a PSCF shirt.”

Must see: Where are the trillions of $$$s of Intangible Assets!?

Grab a cup of coffee and watch this TEDx Talk before you do anything else today. Andrew Sherman’s informative and entertaining talk shines a spotlight on the growing value of intangible assets and more.   The tie between Traklight’s mission and Andrew’s is within the TEDx Talk.  Planting the seeds and taking care of yourContinue reading “Must see: Where are the trillions of $$$s of Intangible Assets!?”

Top 5 Funding Tips

This is a guest blog by Delilah Panio, a capital markets expert who consults with startups on their business and financial planning. Her online course “A Recipe for Funding” addresses the emotional and practical realities of raising capital and empowers women entrepreneurs to attract the right capital from the right investors for their company. LearnContinue reading “Top 5 Funding Tips”