Trademark Disputes: Now Playing At Your Local Redbox

If you’ve ever rented a movie from Redbox, you have likely seen some choices that bear a suspicious resemblance to films currently playing in theaters. For example, last holiday season, many Redbox kiosks offered a movie called “Age of the Hobbits” at the same time Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” was in theaters.

When Hiring, Don’t Forget to Get Ownership of the Work Product: Understanding the Concept of “Work Made for Hire”

Guest Blog Written by: Jennifer Lefere, Of Counsel at The Law Offices of Jere M. Friedman, PLLC, where she advises businesses and individuals in protecting their intellectual property assets.

Is copyright extension a welcome change?

In 1998, the Copyright Term Extension Act more popularly known as the ‘Sonny Bono Act’ or ‘Mickey Mouse Protection Act’ (due to its fierce lobbying by Walt Disney and Sonny Bono’s wife, Mary Bono) extended copyright terms in the United States by 20 years. This enactment helped large corporations with exceedingly valued copyrights succeed inContinue reading “Is copyright extension a welcome change?”