Trademarks: Practice what we preach

An interesting email came across my blackberry ( yes I am a proud Canadian and have my “zed” 10) the other day. A CEO asked me why we were using InnovaPrep with a TM on our consulting website when his company InnovaPrep had been using it for many years. So good question. A bit ofContinue reading “Trademarks: Practice what we preach”

The Investment called Intellectual Property

We all knew this day would come. Given the shift the economy has taken to being more idea-driven it is about time the government gave intellectual property its due. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is responsible for calculating the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of America. The GDP is probably the single most important numberContinue reading “The Investment called Intellectual Property”

Developing Winning Crowdfunding Pitches

Crowdfunding. Everyone’s doing it, All I have to do is make a video asking for money, right? Wrong. Turns out there is a lot of preparation necessary to create a successful crowdfunding pitch. Of course, you start by following the steps to Practice Safe Crowdfunding – 1. Identify your intellectual property 2. Protect your intellectualContinue reading “Developing Winning Crowdfunding Pitches”

It Takes A Village To Re-Launch A Website

Traklight has a new look and feel, just about eight months after our initial launch last Oct 30th. This project was months in the making and not just from a technical point of view. Biggest lesson learned, our village includes customers; members; Trakers; Advisory Board; Traker spouses, children, and pets; affiliates; and again customers andContinue reading “It Takes A Village To Re-Launch A Website”

An Intern’s Account of Traklight

Before I even started working at Traklight, I was recommended to go to a meeting known as Game CoLab. There I learned the basics of game development and the software to do so. The people there ranged from small children to their parents, from beginners to programmers. The presentation itself was very comprehensive in explainingContinue reading “An Intern’s Account of Traklight”