Have you seen our Press Release: Watch out Cloud Storage!

Watch Out Cloud Storage. Traklight’s IP Vault now offers secure multiuser options, Collaborative IP Vault, and user-friendly organization tools.

Traklight, an online provider of Intellectual Property identification, storage, management & verification tools, now offers users the option to add multiple users through their Collaborative IP Vault. The number of users is unlimited. Share your IP Vault contents with your attorney, partner, marketing team- anyone that needs access. Allow multiple users to download your custom IP Report that you uploaded in Collaborative IP Vault. Empowering our users to give access to those who need it coupled with the security to protect their information from everyone else. Added as a new tier within the pricing options for users, these new packages are the next step to providing users with the flexibility to choose the solution that fits their business. As digital resources, national & international sourcing and partnership solutions continue to grow, the Collaborative IP Vault becomes an invaluable solution to share ideas, concepts and files securely. 

In addition to the multiuser update, Traklight has created the capability for users to build out folders within the IP Vault to better manage their data. Folder organization is now the norm of data management, what’s unique is that this is now available with the confidence of encrypted file protection.

“Our target market includes entrepreneurs, small business owners and inventors so security was our number one priority. We have created a solution for this community to safely store and access their ideas that has never before been available. Now that the security piece is in place we are excited to unveil user friendly features like folders for data management that make Traklight more competitive than ever before in terms of function and use,” shares Mary Juetten, Founder & CEO of Traklight. 

Traklight.com is paving the way for accessible, affordable intellectual property identification and protection. Traditionally, these services have only been available through in-person consultations with attorneys. The problem: this community is largely unaware that they have intellectual property and if they are, high attorney fees often dissuade them to seek protection. The solution: Traklight.

Membership is free and provides users access to resources and recommended partners in the IP Cloud. Services, including IP identification with ID your IP and idea/data storage in the IP Vault are available through a variety of tiers, priced based on features and size to accommodate any budget needs. 

Traklight is committed to their users. We believe in leveraging real user feedback to continuously improve our customer experience. In fact, we are in the process of making additional improvements now. Stay tuned for more information!

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