For the Love of IP!

Valentine’s Day is a day of love for some. At Traklight, it’s our love for IP (and maybe our recent obsession over macaroons from Essence Bakery, in Tempe, AZ – thanks Jill!). that inspired each Traker to contribute to this post. So without further ado, we present 14 AWESOME reasons to love IP on this wonderful 14th day of February… 



  1. Mary – IP = the ultimate playing field leveler: they with the best innovation wins not the most money! & it’s universal. 100% of companies have IP.
  2. Philip – I love IP because it’s the final product that comes out of the Willy Wonka factory that is your brain. If you can imagine it you can make it.
  3. Jill – IP is the very essence of humanity. It represents creativity, ideas, innovation, passion, music, art, phrases, designs & discoveries.
  4. Shay – Intellectual property is potential – it’s personal intelligence present inside people; if produced, its protection is prudent.
  5. Tara – IP is no longer a foreign language only spoken by those in LegalLand. Traklight has given us tools to understand IP &protect valuable ideas.
  6. Peter – I love IP because it is everything that makes human beings unique. It represents the how we adapt, grow, and conquer challenges.
  7. Kelly – IP is at the core of every creation from your Starbucks cup to your favorite song to your favorite pair of jeans.
  8. Emily – IP is the nitty-gritty of what distinguishes one company from the next and provides the diversity to propel our society forward.
  9. Michael – IP is a hidden anatomy of everything I touch and see, and until you are aware of IP, it goes unnoticed. I love it’s quiet, powerful force.
  10. Anne – IP means people are out there thinking and doing. Those who have the drive to carve their place in the world should be able to protect it.
  11. Char – I love IP because it incites people to take risks, challenge the status quo, and solve problems.
  12. Becky – Without IP we wouldn’t have a 3D bioprinter that can print human tissue & deliver a new liver or heart in a matter of hours! Incredible!
  13. Michael R. – I love IP b/c it protects the importance of individuality, an idea that lays the foundation for much of American culture.
  14. Mrigank – The increasing importance placed on intangible concepts (IP) shows how far humanity has advanced from bartering goods to owning creativity!

BONUS IP LOVE (thanks Mrigank!)
You need “ip” to spell entrepreneurship. You could name a company “Entrepreneurshep” without “ip” but it wouldn’t succeed without IP! 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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