Meet Char, Our Copy Czar

char_hiking_tonto_natural_bridgeChar sent me an email one day with some incredible website links to share on social media with a follow up statement: “Now that I’ve done some solid IP Internet fodder researching, I thought I’d take a crack at a blog post…” And that was that. No questions asked, she just wrote a blog post titled “Four Startup Must-Haves That Relate to IP” – of which you must read, because it is a GREAT post! So I thought it would be appropriate to next introduce to you Char, Traklight’s Copy Czar…


What I learned about IP before I started at Traklight?

As a writer, you learn about intellectual property from the standpoint of content ownership. (Short version: If you’re writing for a business, then that company owns the writing.) Working in social media adds a new layer to content marketing; you wouldn’t believe the amount of research I did before venturing into Pinterest for businesses!

What is something about me that would be a surprise to learn?

I don’t watch scary movies—ever. The last scary movie I saw was The Ring, and it ruined my ability to sleep for months (years). Chalk it up to an overactive imagination or Hollywood’s insatiable desire to constantly push the limits on gratuitous gore, paranormal weirdness, and creepy children. Either way, I do not dare see a scary movie—or even watch scary movie trailers. (I plug my ears, close my eyes, and sing to myself or leave the room.) My sleep and sanity matter too much.

Are there any deep dark secrets that are past statute of limitations?

Wow, we’re really getting personal in these here questions.

When I was a child, I saw the movie Ernest Scared Stupid. It was a comedy, mind you, but the troll, a.k.a. “Stupid,” scared me big time. I was terrified that Stupid was going to come and turn me into a wooden doll (see the movie and it’ll all make sense) while I slept. So, to combat this, I gathered all my Troll dolls and tucked them into bed with me. My thought was that when Stupid arrived, he would see that I was good friends with all his homies, so he would most certainly leave me be. Embarrassing to share this as an adult, but I feel I deserve points for being such a creative child.

If you were alone in the car by yourself, what song would you sing and why?

I love “November Rain” by Guns n’ Roses, but I would sing that song anytime, anywhere, no matter who was around—because everybody needs somebody. Don’t you think that you need somebody?  

As for singing alone, I would probably say Backstreet Boys’ “Incomplete” or “Just Want You to Know.” Both are good belters, but I’m embarrassed to like any Backstreet Boys song (go *NSYNC!), especially two of their later, past-their-prime tunes.