Business Risk Assessment
  • For inventors, startups,
  • early stage businesses
ID Your IP
  • Identify and Track Valuable Assets
  • Annual Access to Dynamic Reports

ID Your IP | $199 Annual Fee

  • Perfect for businesses and innovators
  • Decreases business risk & maximizes value
  • Dynamic self-guided questionnaire
  • Unlimited updates for one year
Generates a roadmap & assesses risk on a company dashboard:
  • One-time fee
  • $249/month
  • Concierge for Business Protection
  • Used by Risk Managers, CFOs, In-House Counsel, and Innovation Program Leaders
  • ID your IP®, InnovaDiscoverâ„¢ and
  • Silver IP Vault ® bundle
  • Setup and Implementation
  • Unlimited Training, Support & Access
  • One-time fee
  • Enterprise Software Implementation
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Process and Document Review

“Traklight’s ID your IP taught me that there were other forms of IP that are not as apparent but just as (if not more) important than just a patent and trademark. Internal documents like contracts between members of the business or team members that helped form an idea are often overlooked in the beginning but could end up being a huge pain point later after an idea is successful.”

– Lavell Dishmon, Co-founder of CycleLights

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