“We took the IP questionnaire and thought it was incredible. It was definitely detailed and gave us a real sense of where we needed to shore up our protection.”

Amy Scerra
Think Global Institute

“ID your IP taught me that I had intellectual property that I did not even know about. I did not realize that I should be protecting my IP from day one, not just my potential patent IP either. The ID your IP report gave me the information I needed to take the next steps with filings and practical business advice.”

Anthony Vargas-Frank

“We were surprised to learn about the implications of enabling public disclosures.  Without Traklight’s strategy guide, we would not have been aware of the one-year grace period to file a provisional patent following an EPD.

Ben Sacks

“I wish Traklight.com was around during my start up so that I would have been able to organize my ideas and IP in the IP VAULT and have the ID YOUR IP product help me to identify my IP and save time with my attorney.”

Breanna Bolley
CEO, CODE Technology

“I am happy knowing that when I wake up with a good idea for a new product I can not only record it for future reference but it is protected by Traklight.”

Brion Crum
Financial Advisor

“The benefits that I’ve experienced from working with Traklight and their team is basically knowledge I’ve learned a lot from the team regarding trademarks and copyright and it gives me more confidence in being able  to contact people who have infringed on our trademarks and get them to remedy the situation.”

Carrie Hertz
Sr. Partner Operations Specialist, Infusionsoft

“I realized recently that a company with strong IP commands five to seven times the exit price of retail or “me-too” kinds of companies. And what are investors really looking for? A return on their investment in a predicable time period. In other words, they want a very strong exit strategy.”

Cricket Lee
Founder/CEO, Fitlogic

“Traklight is a self-guided software platform that creates a custom intellectual property strategy for a startup or small business. Using an online questionnaire, Traklight helps business owners perform a simple intellectual property audit of their businesses…
Traklight can help a small firm to qualify clients and educate them on intellectual property issues, saving the firm time and money. It can do the same for big firms, while also providing a valuable marketing and client development differentiator.”

Dan Lear
The Legal Pioneer

“I have been using Traklight software to really help me keep my sanity. Traklight’s software helps keep me focused on my IP and more importantly helps keep my staff focused on our IP and what we needed to be paying attention to, to protect that intellectual property in the marketplace. The biggest benefit for me is pulling together the collection our entire IP puzzle and placing that under one easily readable format interface. “

Darrin Brent-Mason
DNA On A Shirt

“From my perspective, Traklight offers a unique solution not only for entrepreneurs, but for the investor community doing due diligence on potential investments.”

D.J. Martin
Founding Member, Astia Angels

“As a startup founder, I knew understanding & protecting my IP was going to be an important part of setting up my business.  However with no legal background & limited bootstrapped funds – going through the process of protecting my IP was daunting to say the least.  Traklight helped my fears subside.  Their survey is easy to navigate & really walks you through all the potential areas where your company could need IP protection.  After getting my ID Your IP Report, I now have a plan of action that includes all my potential IP, tips on protecting my IP, warnings about potential IP challenges, and practical next steps for my business.  I know the small amount of time I put into competing the ID Your IP survey has set my business up for less stress and more success in the future.”

Ellen Laux
Founder, Le Registrie

“Entrepreneurs and startup businesses risk major problems if they fail to identify and control their intellectual property and develop an IP strategy. And there’s nothing that’ll turn off potential investors faster than uncertainty about a company’s IP ownership or IP management.”

Jack A. Donenfeld
Law Offices of Jack Donenfeld, Esq.

“I liked the simple approach offered by the ID your IP questionnaire and the recommendations showed me that IP is much more than just patents. I have copyright, trademark, and trade secrets to consider also.”

Jack Landesman

“Truly an eye opener. One does not realize the many pitfalls and risks related to the security of your online endeavor. Utilizing the Traklight site you are guided through a simple user- friendly process that quickly identifies vulnerabilities and solutions to ensure that your intellectual properties are secure. Traklight is an easy and effective way to protect your IP.”

James S.

“I found out about Traklight and all of the sudden it really solved my problems, because as new ideas came up I was able to just go ahead and upload it to the vault, date it, and have all that information secure.”

Jim Sawicki
CEO, Janitorsite.com

“It was just 9 months ago we began marketing our products and services to prospective clients. Little did we know just how much was involved with identifying and addressing our intellectual property…  By taking Traklight’s ID Your IP questionnaire, it allowed us to identify our areas of concern regarding our own IP and told us exactly how to address the issues unique to our business.  The simple process took minutes and left us with a better understanding of the resources we need to protect our business.  The best part was that I didn’t need to be a technical wizard to use ID your IP… After researching firms to help us with this critical area of our business, we found Traklight to be extremely helpful and cost effective for our new and growing company.  Every small business can benefit by taking this simple questionnaire and the peace of mind it brings you.”

John A. Kosobud
Tournament Headquarters, LLC

“You saved me a lot of money by helping me search for trademarks on my nonprofit name before I put everything on paper. We found that the other nonprofit did have a federal trademark and while my name wasn’t exactly the same as theirs, it was close enough that I didn’t want to take the chance. We had to change the name again because our second name (while no conflict in AZ or with trademark), was already taken with GoDaddy.  Our final name is Furnishing Dignity and we are working on the logo.  We are signing the paperwork today so the attorney can file with state of Arizona.”

Joyce Petrowski

“Traklight’s ID your IP and coaching sessions have helped me grow my practice and created referrals in the areas of corporate formation, trademark protection, and general business law.”

Juliet Peters
Becker Peters, PLCC

“We were able to have an intelligent conversation with our lawyer to better understand the costs and steps needed to actually pursue a patent.

Justin Effron
Co-founder/CEO, Alice-App

Traklight’s ID your IP taught me that there were other forms of IP that are not as apparent but just as (if not more) important than just a patent and trademark. Internal documents like contracts between members of the business or team members that helped form an idea are often overlooked in the beginning but could end up being a huge pain point later after an idea is successful.

Lavell Dishmon
Co-founder, CycleLights

” I found the snapshots and visuals to be most helpful in identifying where our IP might be vulnerable. The steps to take to protect our IP are also relatively simple and clearly laid out. Whether it’s drawing up a contract, obtaining a trademark or talking with our lawyer, I don’t have to search for solutions and next steps. Traklight did that for me. There was also an element of not knowing what I didn’t know. Traklight prevented me from missing important things that might have come up down the road.”

Laurel McConville
Founder, Nectar and Green

“We grew rapidly and did not have the appropriate processes to capture our innovation, including our IP, one of the most valuable assets.  It’s extremely important when seeking funding and managing your business to start from day one with a systematic strategy for IP identification and protection.”

Marc Chesley
CTO, Infusionsoft

“Having dealt with a variety of IP issues, from free speech cases, to copyright infringement and trade secret thefts, I understand the importance of helping my clients comprehend their legal situations. Traklight is educating and creating understandable content to help to bridge that gap between entrepreneurs and attorney-speak. By offering a unique solution to entrepreneurs, Traklight has provided qualified referrals that have an understanding of their own personal legal IP protection needs. Bridging that gap between entrepreneurs and attorneys is a common challenge in this industry, but Traklight is helping to educate and empower their clients with a variety of online tools and resources.”

Maria Crimi Speth
Jaburg & Wilk, PC

“First of all, I have to say Traklight, just like a real light, came and made me open my eyes to the real dangers out there when it comes to protecting my IP. I had a vague knowledge about what could happen if someone would steal my original idea,but never did I imagine it could get so serious. After having won this competition, I started doing some serious research about IP and small businesses and start-ups, just like ours. It took me about a week to really understand how to make the first steps about protecting my work. I log into my account on a daily basis and check the reports and honestly, Traklight took me by surprise all-together. The most surprising tip? That someone could actually strip me of all our work, ideas and plans in a matter of minutes.”

Miriam Mircea
Co-founder/CEO, Fort Knox PR

“Traklight’s ID your IP asked very in-depth questions, and was very intuitive and simply presented. My ID your IP reports and charts gave a very clear concept of our individual IP needs. Best tip: look at the timing.”

Nate Davidson
Owner, CannaCrawl, Inc.

“I had the opportunity to browse your website, complete my ID for IP, and provide you with some feedback. The website is superb, and is loaded with valuable resources and information! I especially like how you can upload any documents into the IP vault. Now that I have completed this stage of my startup, I would like to take you up on the offer of speaking with the fashion lawyer you spoke of, so that I may get any trademarks and other IP that I need.”

Nicolas Neve

“Wow! I wish had Traklight’s software and resources when we first started our company. We trusted an invention development company and it did not go well. We lost time to market and money. Traklight now has us tracking our protected IP and following an IP strategy to identify and protect our business as we launch.”

Paulette Daniele
Inventor, EasyFaceLift.me

“When I realized I had an opportunity for someone to make a large investment in my company, I needed to make sure I had a complete inventory of my IP to make sure it was protected. Traklight’s ID your IP report helped me inventory my current intellectual property and identify newly created IP I didn’t realize I had that needed to be brought to the attention of my attorney.”

Patty Johnson
CEO, OneClickMed

“I’m really grateful that I took opportunity to use Traklight simple to use tools and their convenient coaching it helped me prepare for a crowdfunding campaign and overall made my experience going through it much more simple. I talked to them before speaking with an attorney and it saved me both time and money. Overall I am very thankful that I used this service and would recommend it to anyone.”

Phillip Felice

“I’m a Technology Entrepreneurship student at ASU. I log into traklight.com and I’m quickly able to log my IP into the IP Vault system. This is an easy to use format. I like it. Thanks for the heads up that Traklight was here to help.”

Rusty Roberts
Founder, Squirth.com

“You can better articulate what you have and what you want to protect which gives you a leg up so you and your attorney don’t have to go through a whole process to figure out what you have which can take up a lot of time and a lot of your money.”

Ruth Carter

“Traklight uncovers the potential need for attorney assistance while educating the client in the process. Additionally, the tools they have in development help capture potential innovation that otherwise may have been lost.”

Shane Olafsen
Partner, Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLC

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