Taylor Swift Loses Bid to Dismiss “Shake It Off” Copyright Case

Are famous artists more prone to copy (or, more generously interpreted, borrow) from other artists, or are they simply more likely to be either caught out or targeted by other musicians or rightsholders for these perceived indiscretions? If we believe that they’re not any different from other artists, save for being more talented and/or luckierContinue reading “Taylor Swift Loses Bid to Dismiss “Shake It Off” Copyright Case”

Cloudflare Wins Summary Judgment in Copyright Case

As has been noted before, it’s particularly hard for rightsholders to nail down exactly who to blame for copyright violations on the internet. There’s the obvious answer — the people who are actually committing the infringement — but they can be hard to actually track down and are typically just one of thousands doing similarly bad things, so stopping them doesn’t do much to solve the problem on a larger scale. And so many of those rightsholders go after those who serve as middlemen and women for the legion of copyright infringers, be they platforms or internet service providers or any other service that has some incidental role in the act, even without direct knowledge. 

Evel Knievel’s Estate Loses Trademark Suit Against Disney

If you’re a company as large as Disney, with as much ownership over wide swaths of TV and cinema and other media as they now possess, you’re going to have some fairly frequent IP run-ins. The most recent case making news was the lawsuit brought against the estates of comic creators seeking to prevent them from cancelingContinue reading “Evel Knievel’s Estate Loses Trademark Suit Against Disney”

Four Startup Must-Haves That Relate to IP

Saying the word “startup” conjures up images of Silicon Valley smarty-pants rocking flip-flops and essentially living at their desks, working their tails off to IPO or drum up rounds of funding. While this picture I’ve painted might be the reality for some, in truth, startups are any new business, determinedly trying to get off theContinue reading “Four Startup Must-Haves That Relate to IP”

Trademarks and Fair Use: What Can Your Business Use Without Being Sued for Infringement?

The last thing you want to do is ever infringe on trademarks that may apply to intellectual property you found in your business. Sometimes when a business buys another business, prior IP might be discovered later that’s stored away in a vault. What happens if your business decides to create something slightly similar to an item alreadyContinue reading “Trademarks and Fair Use: What Can Your Business Use Without Being Sued for Infringement?”