Pioneers and Pathfinders

Listen to Traklight Founder and CEO Mary Juetten on a recent episode of Seyfarth’s “Pathfinders and Pioneers” podcast, discussing her path from CFO to lawyer, how Traklight came to be, and the promise of blockchain in the future of business. You can listen to the episode here.

Evel Knievel’s Estate Loses Trademark Suit Against Disney

If you’re a company as large as Disney, with as much ownership over wide swaths of TV and cinema and other media as they now possess, you’re going to have some fairly frequent IP run-ins. The most recent case making news was the lawsuit brought against the estates of comic creators seeking to prevent them from cancelingContinue reading “Evel Knievel’s Estate Loses Trademark Suit Against Disney”

Help the Economy: Protect the Intellecutal Property in Your Business

Protecting intellectual property is an essential action far too many businesses still don’t realize is more than necessary. Even worse, those same businesses don’t realize the implications beyond hurting their potential for profit. In reminders from IT experts this last year, we see that the theft of intellectual property is starting to make a major impactContinue reading “Help the Economy: Protect the Intellecutal Property in Your Business”

Cocktails, Dinner, and Intellectual Property

My cousin and her family were visiting Philadelphia last summer and she was telling me how her good friend, Mary Juetten, founded a start-up that was very cool, very interesting, and that we should connect, quite simply, because we would like each other. Fast-forward two months when Mary visited Philadelphia to speak on Crowdfunding atContinue reading “Cocktails, Dinner, and Intellectual Property”