Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 4


We spoke last week on why you should identify & protect your IP. As we continue our Taking the Scary Out of Startup Series, we will talk today a bit more on culture. Traklight has a stated set of core values that we reference frequently. We start our monthly team meetings with a culture share. This practice comes out of the mining industry where our CFO works, at which most meetings are started with a safety share – a team member shares a lesson learned or best practice.

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Led Zeppelin Faces Copyright Challenge Over Stairway to Heaven

simon-weisser-phS37wg8cQg-unsplash (1)Led Zeppelin is considered to be one of the most iconic bands of all time, selling millions of albums and influencing a generation of fans and fellow musicians alike. Growing up, there wasn’t a year that went by without my father finding occasion to tell the tale of racing to the record store to buy Physical Graffiti in 1975, or seeing the “mighty Zep” at the Pontiac Silverdome on their legendary 1977 tour. Their most-famous song, “Stairway to Heaven,” has become a staple of both rock radio and guitar stores. But a comparison of “Stairway” to another work by Led Zeppelin’s one-time tourmates has some questioning if indeed the song remains the same.

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Tips For Working With Family

tyler-nix-V3dHmb1MOXM-unsplashtyler-nix-V3dHmb1MOXM-unsplashI started working at Traklight a couple of weeks ago and you can see that I look a little bit like the CEO (a younger version). The CEO is my mother but do not think that is an advantage! Working with family can be a bit of a challenge, but I have put together of my top five tips for working with family to help increase your efficiency and decrease your frustration.

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Intellectual Property Lessons Learned

This post, originally appearing February 10, 2014, on America’s SBDC Biz Blog spotlights some examples of entrepreneurs ignoring their intellectual property and the intellectual property lessons learned from those mistakes. We post this as a guide to our readers, whether you are an entrepreneur, startup, or small business owner as lessons to be understood by all.

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5 Reasons Every Business Should Have Trademarks

andreas-kruck-l8ypMiU1Hio-unsplashWe can’t stress the importance of trademarks enough. If you are not familiar with trademarks, check out “What’s the Big Deal About Trademark Registration,” an article by guest blogger Shane Olafson of Lewis Roca Rothgerber. Taking the time to federally register your intellectual property (IP) is a necessity for effective branding and can help eliminate commercial misunderstanding, assisting consumers in distinguishing your brand from others. If you don’t have trademarks yet, here are five reasons why you should:

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Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 5

gabrielle-henderson-HJckKnwCXxQ-unsplashLast week’s Taking the Scary Out of Startup series discussed culture as a touchstone. Not only do we have wonderful Trakers who support our culture, but we would not be where we are today without our advisors. And just like identifying your intellectual property (IP) and creating your IP strategy, you can never start too soon – finding your advisors that is. Also, as you grow and change directions (the “p” word that I do not like that rhymes with divot), your advisory board must do the same. Do not be afraid to ask your advisors to commit for a year at a time and revisit the fit each year.

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Astronaut Space Music Video Caught in Copyright Law

nasa-S3hQU-5_yjg-unsplashTech Digest reported a couple weeks ago on how an iconic video created by Commander Chris Hatfield, a Canadian astronaut who recently flew on the International Space Station (ISS), will have to be taken down due to copyright law. Hatfield had created a music video of himself singing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” while floating in the ISS with images of the Earth and stars behind him through one of the space station’s view ports. The video went viral and was celebrated by millions as a celebration of the wonders of the universe.

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