World Intellectual Property Day: Celebrate the past and prepare for the future of creativity

While the calendar is packed full of useless holidays like “Peanut Butter Lovers Day” (seriously- it’s March 1st), I wanted to make sure the day celebrating World Intellectual Property stands apart. True that when someone talks about intellectual property (IP) most people hear the voice of Charlie Brown‘s school teacher,‘Wah wah woh wah wah.” Or they think to themselves, ‘It’s legalese,’ ‘it’s boring‘ or ‘I don’t understand it.’ So, it begs the question, why would we want to celebrate it?

Well, it turns out IP is not only important but it really is interesting. There is strategy, methodology and incentivizing that makes each individuals’ IP story unique. It’s the management of these innovations and creative works that allow for individuals and companies to financially benefit from their ideas, investments in research and encourages ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. AKA: How to make money from their ideas. This means IP is one piece of an important puzzle incentivizing people to create or to be creative and innovate. Without it we wouldn’t have most (if not all) of the luxuries we enjoy today like Starbucks Blonde Roast, Facebook addictions or, our office favorite, Spanks. 

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Advisory Board Series: Barbara Clarke

BarbaraClarkePreviously in our Advisory Board Series we introduced Dan Tyre, Hubspot Sales Director.

Today’s spotlight is on social entrepreneur, Barbara Clarke. Our CFO often jokes about the female force of Traklight and our networking prowess. We are firm believers in not only networking but also paying it forward with introductions. Our path to meeting Barbara started with 85 Broads in Phoenix and wove its way to Boston’s 85 Broads president, then onto a fabulous startup attorney, Nancy Cremins, who made the initial introduction to Barbara.

Mary met Barbara for lunch in November 2013. With an impressive background valuing intellectual property (IP) with both KPMG and PWC, Barbara understands the Traklight mission. They hit it off and Barbara has been a huge supporter ever since. We are thrilled to have Barbara join our Advisory Board.


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