Version 3.0: What’s The Difference?

We have spent months creating and testing version 3.0 of our website and applications. Our launch countdown was chronicled here. Stay tuned for the next blog in this series, Version 3.0: Lessons Learned.

What is version 3.0? It is simple with respect to the website–it is an update with improved information and (hopefully) a more enjoyable user-experience. But our version 3.0 software applications are completely revamped and in our humble opinion, kick a**. Our mission is to educate and empower entrepreneurs to succeed by identifying and protecting their intellectual property (IP) from the start, and with our updated software you are sure to succeed.

Top five version 3.0 software improvements:

  1. A clear and customized dashboard helps you manage both ID your IP and your IP Vault.
  2. A “check all that apply approach” for ID your IP–so no more having to fill in every question to receive a report or update your reports.
  3. An interactive progress bar allows you to move around in the questionnaire with help right on the screen.
  4. New reports make it simple to look up specific items, e.g., the PDF report information follows the progress bar (more details below).
  5. Simple data entry allows the questionnaire to capture information and automatically create excel spreadsheets that include all your IP–perfect to give to attorneys or investors.

What is ID your IP?

ID your IP is a dynamic, automated questionnaire that guides you through a process that produces three reports and allows you to take control of your most valuable assets, your intellectual property.

The reports now include:

  • IP Strategy report, featuring checklists as well as icons for a visual representation of action items. This report provides detailed next steps and education for users on intellectual property and business in general;
  • IP Inventory report of existing registered IP for you to self-manage; and
  • IP Snapshot report, allowing you to share a summary with a professional without taking up too much of their time.

We also include a 30-day trial of our IP Vault, which allows you to either securely share files with one other person or upgrade to our Bronze Vault for unlimited sharing.

Please check it out!

Think your IP is at risk? Take our Risk Quiz!

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