Next Time We Launch…

spacex-uj3hvdfQujI-unsplashRecently, we have been blogging about our new software: the good, the bad, and the awesome, but today thought we would share the results from our team debrief:

Smaller is better
We re-launched our entire website, ecommerce system, and software applications all at the same time. The lesson for next time is to only launch one piece at a time.

Devil in the details
Conduct a detailed planning session and create one overall list or project management chart (including timelines); make one person accountable for each project. Everyone should work from this list in an effort to all stay on the same page.

Testing is a science
Test, stop, debrief, and find the root cause of any issues. A detailed testing protocol will save time and headaches.

Scrum + critical path
The daily standup or scrum meeting should have a critical path component with three top priorities to sync the team.

Know your product
We all need to know our own software and how all the systems work together: our applications, marketing automation, dashboard, and analytics.

Move on after two reviews
Once you review anything twice, be sure to ask a new team member for help and further review. They’ll pick up on things previously missed.

Walk before you run
We did a great job here by launching to existing customers first and then slowly reaching out to our other potential customers and members.

Communicate with customers
Minimize the amount your updates interfere with customer use. A simple, advanced post on the website of “scheduled system maintenance” is courteous. Also, conduct system updates during off-peak hours or late night/early morning determined by time zone.

Use one PM system
Use one primary, pre-determined project management (PM) system and train everyone. No rogue systems!

Keep visual plans
All project lists written on the office whiteboard walls stay until the project is completed. Isn’t it ironic though because when I asked for the picture of the lessons learned from launch, the walls had been erased…Ops Specialist Becky to the rescue!


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