Men Are From Mars, Women Might Be Too…Or At Least Me

I had the honor of sitting on the “Women in Entrepreneurship” panel in late December at an Arizona Technology Council Startup Connect AZ event with some very impressive entrepreneurs and professionals. This panel was very different from one that I moderated a month earlier in November. My panelists were for the most part younger thanContinue reading “Men Are From Mars, Women Might Be Too…Or At Least Me”

AZBIA and Traklight Join to Provide Invaluable Business Resources

Last night, the New Year New Business open house event hosted at CEI by Traklight and AZBIA was a smashing success. Arizona has a wealth of incredibly rich resources that can help you get your idea off the ground.  The event proved to be a great educational evening for not just the entrepreneurs and smallContinue reading “AZBIA and Traklight Join to Provide Invaluable Business Resources”

Intellectual Property Issues with 3D Printing

Intellectual property and 3D printing don’t get talked about often, mainly because 3D printing is still growing into a mainstream activity. But with 3D printing starting to become more accessible to businesses and homes, what kind of intellectual property issues might develop that your business will need to protect or analyze?

Where does patent law draw the line?

I love intellectual property. I study law so reading about the changing legal landscape over generations is of some interest to me. Studying the evolution of rights, from being afforded only to tangible objects, to their extension to include intangible assets, has been inspiring. But every once in a while you hear about the misuseContinue reading “Where does patent law draw the line?”

Trademark Disputes: Now Playing At Your Local Redbox

If you’ve ever rented a movie from Redbox, you have likely seen some choices that bear a suspicious resemblance to films currently playing in theaters. For example, last holiday season, many Redbox kiosks offered a movie called “Age of the Hobbits” at the same time Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” was in theaters.