Advisory Board Series: Dan Tyre

Daniel_TyreDan Tyre is a tireless member of our Advisory Board, and always willing to give 30 minutes of his valuable time when our CEO or COO need some guiding advice. We met Dan late one Friday afternoon in our offices last year – luckily we were still hard at work! Who knew that Hubspot Employee #6 was walking the halls and would be willing to sit on our Advisory Board?

So many connections and leads are tied back to Dan’s introductions or ideas, and his support always seems to come at the right moment. Mary met with Dan recently in Boston, and over dinner, popped these questions on him…to which he was happy to answer!

Mary: In your opinion, what’s the most exciting thing Traklight is working on in 2014?
Dan: In 2013, Traklight received a great response to the announcement of inexpensive software to protect your intellectual property. 2014 should be the year that these low-cost products become commonplace for entrepreneurs and IP attorneys. The SaaS products and using the new Enterprise tools to service customers will lead to a break out year.

M: What is something about you that would be a surprise to learn?
D: I worked my way through college in the 80s, playing bass in heavy metal bands. Anyone remember Steve Golley & North of Georgia? Scared Kids?

M: Any deep dark secrets that are past statute of limitations?
D: No criminal record! No deep dark secrets. But on Halloween in 1979, I did have dinner with Bob Marley

M: If you were alone in the car by yourself, what song would you sing and why?
D: “Save the Planet” by Edgar Winter Trash. It’s a gospel tune and one of only three songs in my voice range.

M: What, if anything, have you learned about Intellectual Property (IP) or startups from being on the Traklight Advisory Board?
D: Every entrepreneur has IP and needs to take at least 30 minutes to think about IP when they start up because it is actually really easy to identify and come up with a plan to protect. The downside to avoiding or ignoring IP can be devastating. And finally, for a lot of startups, especially software companies, IP is their only asset!

If you’re interested in taking Dan’s advice and are ready to identify your Intellectual Property, great. Check our ID your IP online for next steps.

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