Holy cow we WON!

Funny how earlier this morning I was laying in bed thinking to myself maybe I won’t work today. I spent all of last night counting my heart beats/minute as I lay in bed willing myself to sleep, hoping this sudden surge in pulse due to typical entrepreneurial issues would subside. I woke up in one of those CEO-lows that happen from time to time. Maybe even feeling a hair defeated. It lasted only through my first cup of coffee which was enough to energize me into reality- We can do this.

I dragged myself to the office and was reviewing the latest website revisions when I heard an email pop in… I began scanning it like any other email when I realized what I was reading- Traklight just won Success Magazine’s Start Small Win Big national contest!!! Out of thousands of entrants we were selected. The words, “your business really impressed our judging team” jump off the screen. Not only will our story be featured in the August issue, but I will get an opportunity to sit down with JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s weekend business program Your Business, and Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine, face to face in New York City. It’s an amazing victory timed just right.

We want to thank you for your support of Traklight, our tools, resources & team. It’s your belief in us that keeps us going to the next victory as we continue our journey to empower Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners & Inventors about Intellectual Property worldwide.

To read our Success Magazine Submission: Success Start Small Win Big

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