Samsung enters 10 year patent pacts with Cisco Systems and Google

Sue me once, shame on you; sue me twice, shame on me. After having been found guilty of patent infringement on more than one occasion in the recent past, Samsung has finally realized it needs a change in strategy. After shelling out a billion dollars to Apple and now being sued by Rockstar, an industryContinue reading “Samsung enters 10 year patent pacts with Cisco Systems and Google”

Traklight to Sponsor LAUNCH Festival 2014

In three days time, two Trakers – our Founder and CEO, Mary Juetten; and our COO Jill Howard Allen – will represent us in San Francisco at the 7th annual LAUNCH Festival 2014. The LAUNCH Festival, founded by serial entrepreneur and journalist Jason Calacanis in 2010, has been described as “the best place to launchContinue reading “Traklight to Sponsor LAUNCH Festival 2014”

Fair Use, Trademarks, and the “Dumb” Starbucks Coffee Stunt

Trademarks can have their complications sometimes, particularly in dealing with the problem of infringement by others. In the world of parody, trademark fair use is still a hot button topic that comes up at times as comedians go after popular properties in pop culture. We saw one of the most daring recently with the comedian whoContinue reading “Fair Use, Trademarks, and the “Dumb” Starbucks Coffee Stunt”

Random Musings From LAUNCH Festival 2014

With over 8,000 attendees, 40 newly launched companies, and 3 days of non-stop action, the LAUNCH Festival in San Fransico has provided lots of networking and learnings. I have not attended a startup event in the Bay Area before and it has been an extremely fun time. You really can feel the energy and passionContinue reading “Random Musings From LAUNCH Festival 2014”

Top 3 “Did That Just Happen?!” Stories from LAUNCH

As you may have been reading from our previous blogs, Jill and I attended LAUNCH festival 2014. And although conferences are incredibly resourceful opportunities, they can be overwhelming at times. In that sense, having a little humor is key to helping you get through the long days and uncomfortable situations that are bound to occur.Continue reading “Top 3 “Did That Just Happen?!” Stories from LAUNCH”